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INSTAHEAT™ Tankless water heaters come with a built-in child lock safety feature to protect your family!

Demand Energy manufactures our own venting materials, ensuring peak performance and quick and easy installation. INSTAHEAT™ Tankless Water Heaters provide hot, unlimited water in a more efficient and environmentally friendly way than traditional storage tank heaters saving you money by reducing the amount of energy and water used, and reducing your carbon footprint.

INSTAHEAT™ Tankless water heaters are the only water heaters with built in child safety locks to protect your family!

To find out more about INSTAHEAT™ Tankless Water Heaters, please visit our Products Page.

Annual Savings Chart

By converting to a tankless water heater it is estimated that a household saves on average 20% of their water heating cost*.  With water heating being the second highest cost on a household energy bill this can creative significant savings within your annual energy budget.

*The above chart represent approximate energy savings figures based on the U.S. Dept. of Energy test method for hot water heaters. The energy costs used are the 2006 averages as published by DOE - $0.098/kWh.

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